An AI Automated Machine Learning Company
Great Product to Great Customer

                              Company Profile

                              Profet AI (JWII)  was established by a group of experts:

                                    -Worked for international software companies and EHT manufacturing companies.

                              -Familiar with operation systems across R&D to Manufacturing, IoT, AI Machine Learning, Cloud Native Technologies.


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                                                             We are eager to build high value-added auto machine learning solutions to solve business and factory management problems, thus help customer achieve digital and intelligent factories.

                              Our Journey

                              Our Core Capability

                              Industry experience

                              Specializing in EHT digital R&D and digital manufacturing solutions from R&D to manufacturing 

                              AI Machine learning technology

                              We provide ProfetAI AutoML platform to accelerate the speed of customer AI realization and quickly generate value.



                              Focus on customer problems, we gather different partners help to achieve customers  goal. 


                              Customers not only need tools, but also solutions to solve practical problems. Our past integration experience can help customers solve problems quickly.


                              The StarFab 2019 CIAT Accelerator Program Champions


                              CISA media interview

                              2020 Taiwan ICT Solution - Introduce Our Company